Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dave likes his Infinity

Please disregard my last email.  Kristy just got back with me with the info I needed.  Count me as a happy customer who is thrilled his kite has lasted long enough and is still in good enough shape to need a second set of bladders.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wade loves his Surf 8


I rode the Surf 8 yesterday for the first time other than a quick demo.  I am very impressed with this kite.  I got so many waves and long rides it was insane.  I am really glad I bought this kite.  It performs better in waves than anything else I have ever ridden.  I fell and dropped it once and I was able to relaunch it so fast I got it out of the water before a wave came.   I feel like my wave riding is moving to a whole new level.  Thanks again for all your support.

20 kts and I’m going kiting now.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Alessandro Loves His Screamer 10 LTD

Hi Dimitri,

Just wanted to give you feedback and thanks on the Screamer 10 LTD I just bough from you online

as you know, I was looking for a 1 kite quiver since, now that I live in Johannesburg, and travel a lot for work to neighboring countries, I wanted one kite with big range to be able to travel light (mostly renting boards locally)

First of all, I liked that as a customer I had direct access to speaking to you on facebook and e-mail, and that was key to choose the right kite, get the right tips and make the purchase. 

I tried the kite a couple of weekends back when I was in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Forecast was not too good, side-shore 12-15 knots, but I always take my kite if possible.
When I got to the beach, saw a couple of guys on F-one Bandits size 12, they were struggling to stay upwind (about my same weight 90 KG), so I borrowed one of their twin-tips and gave it a try on my new 10 Screamer.

To my and everyone's surprise, the screamer will pull like a beast for its size!  the sensation i got was that as soon there is enough wind to plain, you can actually get some upwind out of it! I did have to kite-loop it for easier water start  in low wind, but then, once riding and generating a bit of apparent wind, upwind was quite easy.

I Managed to get a few jumps, both popping, and combining with kite movement, and was impressed on the height and hangtime for such little wind! (no more than 16 knots)

i found relaunch to be a bit hard, but thats probably because it was low winds for 10.

again, thanks for your tips and great kite!


Alessandro Teichner

Wednesday, February 18, 2015